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Paper ESF free essay sample

The Department of Justice assigned the TAFT to oversee/ordinate the elements of ESP.- 13. As a major aspect of the National Response Plan, ESP.- 13 includes the coordination of government law authorization reaction for open wellbeing and security. Ready and waiting and prepared to send at whatever point a potential or real emergency requiring a planned Federal reaction are different offices that fall under the Department of Homeland Security and the DOG. Extent of ESP.- 13 ESP.- 13 Is a component for giving and planning Federal to Federal help; Federal help to State, Tribal, and Local specialists; as well as In help to other Esp..These components comprise of law authorization, open wellbeing, and security capacities/assets in case of a potential or real calamity requiring an organized Federal reaction, for example, a significant tropical storm. The abilities bolster emergency episode the board necessities that incorporate power/basic foundation assurance, security arranging/specialized help, innovation support, and obviously broad police operational help. We will compose a custom exposition test on Paper ESF or then again any comparative theme explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page This happens In both pre-merciful and post-occurrence circumstances. ESP.- 13 will actuate at whatever point States, Tribal. ND neighborhood government assets are overpowered or become deficient when conditions require broad open wellbeing and security applications. This will likewise apply when necessities for defensive arrangements or abilities that is interesting to the Federal Government for Federal to Federal help tasks. The exercises of ESP.- 13 ought not be mistaken for what Is depicted in the Terrorism Incident Law Enforcement and Investigation Annex of the NOR. Psychological oppressor assault Incidents, ESP. - 13 arranges and contributes backing to the DOG/FBI activities just when requested.Participants of ESP.- 13 Appointed by the DOG, the TAFT is the lead organizing expert for ESP.- 13. The TAFT is entrusted with the day by day the board and activities obligations when ESP.- 13 is executed. This includes the arranging, arrangements, and coordination for national crises at the national, State, and nearby levels. Between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMALE the governors office, open security authorities at the State level, and all degrees of law requirement, the TAFT fills in as contact on an everyday basis.Participation in practices and various arranging meetings a piece of the TAFT duties moreover. The degree of obligation expanded and the development of ESP.- consistently rose, the center spending plans financing was occupied and unfavorably influenced Tufts different projects. The capacity to grow appropriately an establishment for the program was prevented because of absence of assets, labor, hardware, and preparing that were American open with high bore law authorization planning and reaction will require extra resources.Those assets must originate from the Department of Justice and the Federal government in a period of emergency. Different individuals incorporate the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEAD) may give accessible labor and assets; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may offer particular types of assistance and assets; Office of Justice Programs (JP) offers administrations basic to and direct imply to State, Tribal, and neighborhood law requirement in their endeavors to keep up the standard of law and the coherence of activities. Moreover, by direct or utilized crisis subsidizing support, particular hardware advances, crisis bolster administrations, crisis specialized help on neighborhood law implementation strategy and practices, and specialized administrations identified with data sharing and innovation applications. The U. S. Marshals Service (SUMS) may give accessible labor, for example, representatives, bolster faculty, doctors, dangerous locator canine groups, and specialized activities support. Operational Response to a Critical Incident of FederalInterest The Tufts Special Operations Division and ESP.- 13 National Coordination Center at Headquarters facilitate demands from FEM. Has and the Joint Field Office OF) when initiated. At the actuation of ESP.- 13 during the event of a national crisis, the TAFT will convey inside around six hours to the influenced region when advised. Banding together with State law implementation once on scene, the TAFT will assess the circumstance as it identifies with open safety.Performing as a clearing house, the TAFT matches Federal law requirements accessible assets with the mentioning locales needs. The TAFT attempts to guarantee the sending of those assets are immediately done. The managerial and operational controls of the ESP.- 13 assets are with the law requirement office mentioning help while conveyed. At whatever point mentioned by the office, the TAFT will offer managerial help and wellbeing/security for showing up ESP.- 13 resources.In the occasion of an emergency and there are not adequate assets accessible to react the States representative may request through the Attorney Generals office. Other help organizations, for example, Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Department of Homeland Security, Department of the Interior, Department of the Treasury, Department of Veteran Affairs, Environment Protection Agency, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Social Security Administration, U.S. Postal Service, Inspectors General Offices. Every single other organization specialists and obligations are held by every substance. This incorporates assets, for example, staff, gear, offices, specialized help, and some other sort of help required. Job of state and nearby offices At the State and neighborhood levels, organizations key job in securing their basic foundation and broadcast communications frameworks. They likewise band together with the Federal Government on security-related advances and exploration/development.In most episode circumstances, neighborhood Jurisdictions have essential power and duty regarding law authorization exercises, using the Incident Command System (CICS) on scene. Coordinating on-scene episode the board exercises is the obligation of the neighborhood occurrence order structure. Order and control of on-scene occurrence tasks (EEOC) will offer help to the neighborhood EEOC guaranteeing specialists on call have adequate sources to lead powerful activities. By incorporating state with neighborhood planning structures or the nearby episode order structure guarantees fruitful accompli shment. End Assisting Federal, State, Tribal, Local and Territorial law implementation offices is the essential crucial Emergency Support Function #13. In case of a significant debacle or psychological militant assault may overpower an office when lawfulness must be reestablished after such an occasion and ESP.- asss usage would help with reestablishing request. I talked about ESP.- asss cause, the extent of ESP.- 13, the members vital in this extension, the operational reaction to significant occurrences, and the jobs important at the state and neighborhood levels of government when this addition is enacted.

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Research paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 5000 words

Research paper - Essay Example The worth and significance of IT field in any economy is additionally presented in this paper. The UAE, United Arabs Emirates, lies on the South-eastern side of Arabian Gulf. It involves eighty 3,000 600 square kilometers in the East of Arabian Peninsula. A portion of the nations it imparts guests to incorporate Qatar (north-western side), Saudi Arabia (Western and Southern sides) and Oman (Eastern and North-Eastern sides). The United Arabs Emirates, which is an organization of 7 emirates which were known as Trucial States, was set up in 1971. The name â€Å"Trucial States† follows its foundations from an interminable Treaty of Maritime Truce marked by their rulers and the British In the eighteen fifties with its fundamental point being to keep and keep up harmony at the ocean particularly during the pearling season. There was some uniqueness with the arrangements they marked in that the British attempted their remote undertakings obligations and outside resistance while making a deal to avoid interceding in their inner issues. There were a few questions and contrasts b etween the leaders of the emirates. In 1971 British ended the settlement having not treated the Trucial States like its different provinces and supporting nothing to the monetary improvement of the nation. UAE was in this way because of the leaders of the emirates acknowledging they could achieve more joined instead of isolated henceforth they framed a government state. Thirty years prior, there were not many landing area streets. High rising structures were for all intents and purposes obscure. The bigger piece of the nation was immature. In the instruction segment, those living in significant town were the just one getting to training. The lack of education level was so high to a degree that out of a UAE populace of around 180000, just 46 nationals had a University degree (Kirkwood, 1995), a large portion of which had been procured in

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Using GDP as a Measure of Living Standard

Utilizing GDP as a Measure of Living Standard Presentation Genuine GDP is measure to survey changes in monetary government assistance after some time, to make worldwide examination of GDP, and for business cycle appraisal and estimating. (Parkin et al 2000). The gross national item (presently estimated as GDP) was presented during World War II as a proportion of wartime creation limit. Presently it is ordinarily utilized worldwide as marker of financial advancement ( refered to on first June 2008). Gross domestic product isn't bookkeeping Household creation, Quality improvement, the underground economy, Health and wellbeing Expectancy, Leisure time, The Environment Quality, Equal riches Distribution, Political opportunity and social equity. Gross domestic product can be acceptable marker of proportion of economy living however it isn't precise proportion of expectation for everyday comforts. â€Å" Improving livings principles is about poor families accessing what is accessible at an opportunity to make agreeable, sound and fulfilling .at long last, financial insights just measure what they measure, we may not hold up under much connection to how wealthy we are.† (The Independent Dec 2002) Source: US branch of state ( refered to on 22nd May 2008) Neediness Rising Real GDP isn't influencing on the decrease of neediness and change in expectation for everyday comforts. USA is the wealthiest nation on the planet having high genuine GDP, however in excess of 35 million individuals out of 294 million of populace confronted hunger in 2006 and 390000 out of 2005 According to the US Department of agriculture’s family unit food security report, that 10.4% of all U.S grown-ups and 17.2 percent of all kids confronted the food weakness in 2006. ( refered to on 22nd May 2008) As per overview in 2005, India had populace of approx. 1094.6 Millions and Pakistan had populace of approx. 155.8 Million. ( refered to thirteenth May 2008). Genuine GDP per capita from 2000 2006 A long time Information Source: (United Nation, USA 2007 ‘Economic and Social overview of Asia and the pacific 2007’) The genuine GDP hole among India and Pakistan shows that normal Indian individuals are better being then normal Pakistani People. In any case, destitution proportion shows that expectation for everyday comforts of India is lower than Pakistan. By contrasting India’s populace beneath $1 and neediness line every day with Pakistan shows that expectation for everyday comforts of India isn't exceptionally high than Pakistan since individuals proportion living underneath $1 is high that mean they are not utilizing full assets of a glad life. So GDP isn't speaking to the expectation for everyday comforts of individuals and furthermore not including the destitution proportion. Nation Populace Beneath National Poverty line Per day (%) 1990-2004 Populace Beneath $1 Every day (%) 1990-2005 Gross domestic product Per Capita (PPP US $) (2005) CHINA INDIA PAKISTAN SIERRA LEONE NIGERIA ZAMBIA 4.6 28.6 32.6 70.2 34.1 68 9.9 34.3 17 57 70.8 63.8 6757 3452 2370 806 1128 1023 Around 10 sub Saharan economies are experiencing lack of healthy sustenance constantly. (The Observer eighteenth May 2008) Conversion scale Inflation It is hard to think about expectation for everyday comforts since swapping scale of nation don't show the residential buying intensity of a cash for example any item cost in USA will be 10$ yet in China might be 5$. So examination ought to consider these. Buying power party (PPP) is trade rates between monetary forms are in harmony and when two nations buying power same. Net local items are accounted on standard route dependent on exchange trade, estimation of global (dollar) that is buying power equality. On the off chance that the trade paces of two nations same, at that point the value level will be fixed for the two nations items and administrations. On the off chance that the local cost level of any nation increment, at that point conversion scale will be devalue to return PPP then that nation will encounter expansion. ( refered to on 27th May 2008) As indicated by World Bank review (ninth April, 2008) on as of late expanding the significant expenses of food will build the destitution in poor and creating nations. The ascent in oil costs changes the every ware cost and result into increment in neediness, the 80% expansion in costs of maize and 70% expanded in cost of rice played principle connect to increment in destitution. (World Bank 2008) According to head of UN, About 850 million individuals are confronting as of now the deficiency of food and quickly rising costs could push up to 130 millions populace into hunger trap.( Metro fourth June ,2008) so when expansion will expand, it will build the destitution in poor nations. In Real GDP, increment in cost will account as expansion. Nature of Goods Gross domestic product is a quantitative measure, and accordingly doesn't catch the estimation of enhancements in item quality for example $200 dollar telephone costs equivalent to a $200 dollar telephone 10 years back ,it never incorporate the new innovation is presents or nature of products improved. Joblessness Rising GDP implies we are in an ideal situation, yet it isn't really occurring. As indicated by late report by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) May, 2008, Turkish youth hit by joblessness. In Turkey 18% of the all out populace youngsters matured 15-24, 30% go to class and 30 % work. This implies practically 40% youngsters have no appropriate instruction as well as are jobless. It additionally uncovers the outrageous of sexual victimization female. So they can't get training in light of family pressure. The report says that turkey has accomplished ceaseless high financial development of the request for 7.5 percent on normal during the 2002-2006 periods. That mean turkey has solid financial development however more fragile human turn of events. Turkey economy helps reason for outside obligations. Monetary development dependent on outside capital implies that nation like Turkey comes up short on the possibility to deal with joblessness and other financial ills. ( refered to sixteenth May 2008). Nation Populace All out (millions) 2005 2015 Joblessness Rate Total (% of Labor power) 1996-2005 AUSTRALIA UK CHINA INDIA TURKEY ZAMBIA 20.3 22.4 60.2 62.8 1313.00 †1388.60 1134.40 1302.50 73 82.1 11.5 13.8 4.9 5 4.2 4.3 9.9 12 Education Instruction is vital and central piece all things considered and comprehensively serious economies. Instruction can decrease the neediness and imbalance, improving the wellbeing insurance, empower the utilization of new advances and information. In an undeniably serious information based environmental factors, essential training must be the need and it prompts more elevated levels of instruction ( refered to by 24th May 2008) Sources: UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), World Bank, UNAIDS, ILO, Household Surveys, IMF, Country. Information are for the latest year accessible in 2000-2005. In the event that in a nation more individuals will be educated it will build the expectation for everyday comforts of individuals and attention to their privileges. Curren( 2003) clarified ‘’Illiteracy and different hardships identified with absence of fundamental training are critical snags to basics of good living, for example, cooperation in monetary movement, political life and dynamic inside family’’. Instruction is significant for all age gathering and sexual orientation yet a few nations sex segregation is high and lady debilitates and their latent capacity isn't tallied as a result of separation, training costs, and family unit obligations. In certain nations young ladies are behind the young men in training and social insurance in view of their parent’s segregations and disregard. So sex disparities in lady start in right on time and keep for the duration of their lives. ( refered to on 22nd May 2008). As indicated by World Bank report says that in excess of 100 million elementary young kids stay out of school. In light of neediness, guardians worry of security of their youngster, absence of school and terrible educating strategy. ( Nation Grown-up Literacy Rate (% matured 15 and more established) 1995-2005 Consolidated gross enrolment proportion for Primary, optional, and tertiary Education (%) 2005 Saudi Arabia China India Pakistan Turkey Nigeria U.A.E 82.9 90.9 61 49.9 87.4 69.1 88.7 76 69.1 63.8 40 68.5 56.2 59.9 Source: Human Development Report 2007/2008 ( Under Ground Economy Gross domestic product never check the best wellspring of riches for example the family unit and humanitarian effort areas go disregard altogether. Gross domestic product isn't thinking about the factor of all out creation that individuals stow away to maintain a strategic distance from charges in light of the fact that the creation and administrations they are delivering are unlawful and never comes in GDP. (Parkin el at 2005) The dark economy never comes in income, for example creation by work paid not exactly the lowest pay permitted by law rate, Labor are paid by giving money maintain a strategic distance from Taxes, unreported self worker, the tips cash earned by taxi/taxi drivers, servers in Hotel Restaurants, Smuggling of items for example oil, and so forth these exchanges never comes in the figures for GDP. An expected 5 to 10% dark economy adds to GDP in the United States and the UK and 30% in Italy. In the late 1990s, in Russia evaluated half dark economy adds to GDP(The market analyst 31st may 2008 ). A ton of Household creation carry on in creating nations never comes in monetary exchanges for example grass cutting, youngster care, weaving sewing of materials done by female at home, developing vegetable at home, creation of hand made merchandise and so on As indicated by the most recent gauge by Economist’s the computation of the underground economy is to average 15% of national yield for created nations and 33% for creating nations. As per the review Nigeria and Thailand have the world biggest dark economies representing over 70% of GDP. ( matters refered to on 07th May, 2008). Changes in Leisure Time For the long life and recreation time as though we have more relaxation offices we live better, that never include in GDP. (Parkin el at 2005). Gross domestic product just takes the market estimation of yield, thusly, Leisure (paid get-away, occasions, leave time), which shows inc

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Advanced Strategic Management - mHealth - Free Essay Example

Advanced Strategic Management mHealth [ Advanced Strategic Management ] Contents Contents Introduction The Context and its Managerial Questions Stakeholder Map Analysis A Discovery Driven Strategy Virtuous Cycles via a Discovery Driven Strategy Product-Market Fit Customer Segment Customer Jobs Customer Pains Customer Gains Value Proposition The Hook Canvas Trigger External Trigger Internal Trigger Action Reward Investment Introduction As been discussed in assignment 2, we decided in our final project to research the business model and the winning strategy for a startup in the mHealth business. We identified 3 main areas for mHealth to be investigated: Wearable, Mobile App and BigData. In the first assignment, I discussed the business model for a typical mHealth mobile app. The most important part of a successful mobile app in general and specifically in mHeatlh app is customer engagement. In this assignment, I will research and discuss the features and the model that increase customer engagement and build a winning echo-system for the whole platform. As mHealth is moving rapidly and changes in that domain is aggressive, we decided to use the lean startup and discovery approach. That means minimum market research will be used and a more experimental and idea testing approach will be used instead. This discovery/incremental approach will give the statup the agility needed to steer its strategy as needed and faster time to market as well. The key aspects of the business model that will be discussed are Value Propositions and Customer Segments. The Context and its Managerial Questions The problem I am trying to solve is that despite higher mobile penetration rates across the worlds, the use of mobile technologies in healthcare is still behind expected rates and consumer expectations. mHealth stands at a significant inflection point with a big potential to play a significant role in the healthcare. From consumer point of view, mHealth is more convenient and can lead to reduce physician visits and hence cost. From assignment 2, there are current and promising potential for mHealth mobile app among both chronically ill then fitness and wellness conscious people. These 2 customer segments contribute to almost 60% of the total mHealth mobile users (research2guidance, 2014). The main challenge was how the business model and/or strategy will increase consumer adoption and engagement. The key success factor for a mHealth startup was building the eco-system that drive users to be engaged and locked-in. Stakeholder Map Analysis Before discussing the strategies, let us first plot the current stakeholder for such mHealth application on a stakeholder map according to their interest and influence. The stakeholders are: Chronically ill patients, Fitness Wellness Conscious People, Physicians, Hospitals, pharmaceutical Companies and Government entities. The key outcome from this map analysis is: chronically ill patients are the key player however the mHealth solution should meet the needs and specifications of both physicians and government regulations entities. The pharmaceutical companies on the other hand will be interested on both data and advertisements and should be considered. A Discovery Driven Strategy For a startup in mHealth markets a typical fixed strategy and planning will not be suitable nor realistic. mHealth market is highly uncertain, complex and fast-moving. A discovery driven approach (Rita McGrath) will be adopted as a suitable approach for such a turbulent and varying environments. Unlike conventional strategies that emphasize analysis, strategies that aim to discover and exploit new models must engage in substantial experimentation and learning i.e. a à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"discovery driven,à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ rather than analytical approach. These strategies are about insight, rapid experimentation and evolutionary learning as much as the traditional skills of planning and execution. Virtuous Cycles via a Discovery Driven Strategy A discovery driven approach can be adopted to generate a virtuous cycles. Virtuous cycles (Ramon Casadesus-Masanell Joan E. Ricart, HBR 2011) will be a very effective way for the mHealth startup for both discover and experiment the business model and its strategy. This is also aligned the lean startup method of developing products by Eric Ries (2011) As the main target is to build a sufficient customer base to sustain revenue and increase bargaining power over other stakeholders, mHealth services should be offered as freemium services to drive and attract customer base that is in turn increase the startup bargaining power and revenue as well. The right diagram illustrate how the virtuous cycles can help the startup. This kind of business model requires experimentation which requires initial investment to start this cycle. This is a typical virtuous cycle that is been used by most of others in the market. The challenge for the startup then is to quickly create and capture mor e value than others in the market do. For such a situation ità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s tough to know which business model will do well unless combining a discovery driven strategy during this virtuous cycle. There are some key drivers to kick-start this virtuous cycle. One of these drivers is what free mHealth features to be offered that will successfully address consumer pains. For this, Osterwalder Pain/Gain model will be used to design the value proposition. I would use also the Hook Canvas by Nir Eyal as a complimentary model to the Osterwalder Pain/Gain to tackle the point from different angles. Product-Market Fit The purpose of the product-market fit analysis to facilitate in designing Value Propositions that match Customers needs. Customer Segment The chronically ill patients segment will be sliced even more. As long as we are focusing on patients segment with chronic diseases, a separate job/app/features for the top 4 chronic diseases will be created. According to Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services (, conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis and diabetes were highly prevalent. The most common chronic conditions among Medicare beneficiaries were: High blood pressure (58%) High cholesterol (45%) Arthritis (29%) Diabetes (28%) The following chart from Statista mHealth Dossier. It shows the top drivers for mHealth adoption among patients. These drivers will help in building both product-market fit and HooK canvas. mHealth value proposition in general is towards better healthcare using convenient channel and innovative solutions. For the purpose of this assignment, high blood pressure segment will be used. There should not be key differences on the overall strategy for other chronic conditions. Customer Jobs Customer Job(s) is about what high blood pressure patients is trying to get done using the proposed mHealth platform. It is mainly about how they are currently manage their condition. Question Answer Significance Frequency What functional jobs are you helping your customer get done? Log HBP Readings Get Feedback Recommendations Communicate with his doctor Reduce costs Reduce Visits High High What social jobs are you helping your customer get done? Being Healthy High Med What emotional jobs are you helping your customer get done? Feel good/safe Minimize Worry High Med What basic needs are you helping your customer satisfy? Need for Care High Med Customer Pains Pain is more about negative feelings, costs and risks that High blood pressure patients could experience before and after or even during getting the job done. Question Answer Intensity What does customer find costly? Time to log it on paper Consultation Cost Searching Cost for Advise Recommendations High What makes them feel bad? Frustration Worry Med How are current solutions under-performing? Inconvenient (Not simple enough) Lack of recommendation Advise No Web Interface (Cloud) High What are the main difficulties and challenges that customer encounters? Understand and judge Readings Keep readings history to communicate it with doctors Med What negative social consequences does customer encounter or fear? Being socially inactive with family Loss of trust Med What risks does customer fear? Serious medical consequences (Heart Attack, Kidney failure) High What common mistakes does customer make? Forget prescription Not logging readings By-pass doctor visits Confused about what to eat and what not What barriers are keeping customer from adopting solutions? Simplicity Convince Learning curve Being a habit High Customer Gains The customer gains are about the expected and unexpected outcomes from using the mHealth solution. Question Answer Relevance Which savings would make customer happy? Money (Reducing Visits) Time (Reducing Visits) Effort (Logging Readings) substantial What outcomes does customer expect and what would go beyond his/her expectations? Simple and convenient way to log readings Giving Advise/Coaching/Recommendations will be a delight feature Web Interface (Cloud) will be a delight feature Communities will be a delight feature substantial What positive social consequences does your customer desire? Sense of belonging Sense of Care Being Healthy and Self-Control Less Significant What are customers looking for? Good and Intuitive Design Communicate their readings with Doctors substantial What would increase the likelihood of adopting a solution? Free Simple and Convenient Word-of-Mouth Positive reviews substantial Value Proposition Giving the above customer segment pain, gain and jobs, the value proposition of the blood pressure mHealth platform will be to relieve these pains, create gain and deliver the customer job in a convenient way. The Hook Canvas The above figure illustrates the hook canvas model by Nir Eyal. The purpose of this model is to increase customer engagement through 4 major steps: Trigger, Action, Reward and Investment. The key concept of the hook canvas is to attach users through the most powerful force that is à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Habità ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . Patients with chronic conditions/diseases are already formed a daily habit of taking measurements, log it, taking prescriptions and follow up with their physician. This customer segment are the most ready segment to form a habit by using a convenient mHealth mobile app. The question will be, what will be the strategy for each step to form a habit of using the mHealth mobile app and increase customer retention. Forming customer habit improve business outcomes through: Increase customer lifetime value Provide pricing flexibility Reduce customer churn and increase retention Increase a businessà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s defensibility Trigger Understanding the HBP customer can help drive and forming the desired habit of using the mHealth platform. There are 2 types of triggers: External and Internal. External triggers as the name imply is any event like notifications, reminder, buttonà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ Whereas internal triggers are initiated within the user as a factor of their perception or emotional status. Negative emotions is considered a very powerful trigger compared to positive emotions. External Trigger Nir explains that effective triggers are well-timed, actionable and stimulate curiosity. In the HBP mHealth platform, the external triggers can be emails and notifications. Additionally, the more closely the external triggers to the internal ones the more it become effective. These type of external triggers include reminders for taking the measures at specific/ideal times. These external triggers are well-timed, actionable and can stimulate curiosity by asking specific questions to the patients regarding their mode, diet, weightà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ Family members and friends can be external triggers as they are care about the health of the HBP patient. Internal Trigger Internal triggers are powerful than the external ones. Internal triggers can be stimulated by time and the basis of forming a habit. Negative emotions triggers should be emphasized here. Negative emotions like fear of heart attack, lose job, away from family should be linked to the platform. Action Triggers should motivate people to take actions through the platform, actions then should be as simple as possible to adopt more customer. Technology and/or product must significantly reduce the steps to complete the measuring task to increase adoption rates. This can be achieved by a very simple, intuitive and convenient user interface to enter the measurements. A research in this area is essential. A very interesting place is . This where a one can start leverage cognitive shortcuts to initiate simplistic actions. Reward à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“Variable rewards seem to keep the brain occupied and providing an opportunity to plant the seeds of new habits,à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  says Nir Eyal. Rewards can be categorized into three type à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" tribe rewards, hunt and self. Tribe rewards can be best achieved through comparing the measurements with others in the same conditions (Age, Sex, Weight) and give the users a sense of self progress and achievements compared to others. Hunt rewards can be achieved by providing promotions in prescriptions, doctor consultations and discount for appointments. Self-rewards can be achieved by providing goals and advises to achieve these goals. The goals can be lowering blood pressure through diet, exercise, anger managementà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ This will give the users a sense of achievement and progress towards their personal goals. Investment Nir describes investment as future rewards that makes the next action more likely. Users can invest in time, money, effort, content, personal data, social capital or even emotional commitment. Investment is the thing that guarantee customers lock-in and retention. Additionally, investment features in the mHealth platform will protect the copycat from rivals and give a competitive advantage that cannot be replicated. Cloud data is one of the features that will give the users a sense of investments. Historical readings and user actions will be saved on the cloud and the more the users use the platform the more investment in terms of personal data. Social features like communities, comments, likesà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ are also can be seen as an investment from the usersà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢ point of view. Users can not switch to other applications and ignore their relationships and their history that has been built already. Crossing the Chasm In 1991 Geoffrey A. Moore argued that there is an existing gap between early adopters of any new technology and the mass market. He explained that new concepts and technology get pulled initially by early adaptors then fail to get the attention of the mass market. This kind of situation is highly applicable for the mHealth platform desired. There should be a strategy or at least initial thought about how we can take such a startup and technology and cross the chasm to the mass market where the real money is. The strategy will be mainly: Focus on early adaptors and to select a specific customer segment (High Blood Pressure Patients) rather than all chronically ill patients. These early adaptors should be delighted as possible to the word of mouth will help crossing the chasm Marketing hype play an important Role here. How marketing will going to position the platform is very crucial. The positioning should be unique and focus on social and emotional aspects as well Reward and delight features will attract conservative people in the mass market 1 | Page

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Open Access Within Higher Education Essay - 1613 Words

Open access within higher education has become a hot topic in today’s political world. Based on implications community colleges have faced due to their open access policies, this paper will foreshadow what open access at four-year institutions may look like. First, the paper will define a public and private goods in the context of three defining goals for American education: democratic equality, social efficiency, and social mobility. Second, the paper will highlight a brief history of community colleges and how open access creates many challenges. Thirdly, the paper highlights today’s political debates by comparing and contrasting democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and current republican Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s higher education plans. After establishing the policies and issues of Clinton and Walker, the paper will incorporate Walker’s plan into the American education system as a way to avoid open access in higher education. Public and Private Goods – Three Defining Goals for American Education A public good is a benefit shared by all members in the community while a private good is a personal experience and gain (Labaree, 2007). Open access in higher education portrays education as a public good. The definition of public good uses the word â€Å"community† which is the center to the formation of the community college system. Community colleges provides services to all community members. A four-year institution does not operate under an open accessShow MoreRelatedAccess to Higherr Education1578 Words   |  6 Pagesparticipating in higher education. For the last couple of decades, there have been noticeable changes towards a more inclusive system of higher education, but statistics show that the participation of working - class in higher education remains persistently low. Can higher education be seen as unattractive for the working class, or are the fees charged by institutions used as a tool to exclude students from working-class backgrounds? This essay examines issues related to access to higher education by studentsRead MoreTechnology And The World Wide Web Essay1344 Words   |  6 PagesThose who have access to the World Wide Web have new ways of exploring the realm of education from all directions instead of retrieving knowledge from traditional places like college. However, college is different because it is not only a place to gain knowledge, but also an environment that prepares students for the real world. In Davidson’s paper, she believes that we need to change the way higher education is structured and adapt techniques that are already integrated within open source media,Read MoreEssay On Data Breaches1322 Words   |  6 PagesThe first thought that comes to mind when a data breach occurs at a higher education institution is that a student hacked into the university or college network in order to make changes to their information, such as grades. Fortunately, that has not been the case in recent cyber attacks. Hackers see higher education systems as a gold mine because students’ personal identifiable information (PII) is stored in the platforms utilized by the universities. Cyber threats have fluctuated each year at manyRead MoreDistance Education Equity And Developing Nations Essay1634 Words   |  7 PagesDistance Education Institutional Models in Developed and Developing Nations: United Kingdom’s Open University and Indira Gandhi National Open University United Kingdom’s Open University (OU) and Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) are both internationally recognized institutions, utilized as examples through their innovative implementation of global engagement in Distance Education (DE) environments. Each institution faces different challenges in relation to their existence within both developedRead MoreDynamic Programming Model1014 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Currently, we know there is still formidable inequity in quality of higher education worldwide. However, massive open online courses (MOOCs) eliminate distance constraints assuming students have internet access. Also, MOOCs allow students to access courses offered by professors at the top universities. However, MOOCs are designed for the average student; therefore, it cannot provide for personalized courseware, and it is difficult to keep track of students’ assignments and involvementRead MoreHow Technology Has Impacted The Way We Live From Investing?851 Words   |  4 Pages Technology has impacted the way we live from investing to communicating. With access to the internet we can communicate across the world in second and create an environment with greater efficiency and productivity. Yet, American education has only recently begun to embrace the power of technology to provide education in a low cost and sustainable manner. The current higher education system has haunted Am ericans with outstanding student loan debt eclipsing $1.3 billion. On top of insurmountable studentRead MoreGlobal Economic Problems1111 Words   |  5 Pagescategories included: 1. To eradicate extreme poverty and hunger 2. To achieve universal primary education 3. To promote gender equality and empower women 4. To reduce child mortality 5. To improve maternal health 6. To combat HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases 7. To ensure environmental sustainability 8. To develop a global partnership for development. (United Nations 2010, Murphy, 2017, p.2) As of the 2015, while the attainment of the goals remain dubious and doubtful much progress has beenRead MoreFriedman Vs Head On The Effectiveness1193 Words   |  5 PagesWriting *** ----- ----- The Effectiveness of Online Writing Courses (MOOCs) Massive open online courses (MOOCs) are one of the revolutionary trends in education across the world. Many controversies surround it with some education stakeholders viewing it as very costly but of little value. In addition, other critics consider it a cheaper model of teaching especially in higher education (Vimeo, 2014). Cheaper in the sense many students can be reached wherever they are with no travel neededRead MoreThe Future Of Higher Education1670 Words   |  7 PagesThe future of higher education is fluid amidst chronic change within the system, states and nation. The overarching myriad of issues, political upheaval, and financial burdens levy the need for change, and even overhaul in some areas. Change can hold positive results; although, it is often viewed negatively. Change has been a constant in the history of Higher Education. Consider the significance of the change that brought about the G.I. Bill, Pell Grant and Disability Acts. Within the confinesRead MoreSan Latinos Essay941 Words   |  4 Pagesachievements reflect similar discrepancies.† (Barraclough L. B., 2011). Proven within this quote, white Americans are situated in better communities within the city of San Fernando, then the Hispanics or Latinos who generally live on the east side. With an education that differs from schools on the west side to east side. It is why many whites moved out towards the west, to give their children access to a better education in San Fernando, which is also mentioned in the book. Also, whites moved out

Blue Scope Steel for Sound Investment-

Question: Discuss about theBlue Scope Steel for Sound Investment. Answer: Case study Blue Scope Steel Key environmental issues faced by Blue Scope Steel The process of manufacturing of steel generates various types of by products with various chemical compound structures. Some of these materials are dangerous to the environment based on their toxic nature, excessive use of water, air pollution as well as noise. Key resources used by the company Blue Scope Steel The organization based on its desire to achieve maximum environmental safety operate has three main resources as follows: Recycling of used steel Recovered steel Scrap steel Blue Scope efficiency gain from better work practices BlueScope can gain some efficiency through partnerships and working with a number of various organizations, government authorities and non-governmental organizations to support and improve resource efficiency and increase business sustainability (Burrows, Masouman Harvie, 2015). The organization can therefore achieve resource efficiency by focusing on the following areas key areas; through reduction of water usage together with energy usage, reduction in trading activities and prescribed industrial waste and through illustration of leadership as well as life cycle approaches. Measure and record of current usage of resources by Blue Scope Steel The organization measure and records the usage of their resources based on the quantity recycled. Through the established scrap market, Blue scope steel was able to obtain steel waste material for reuse and recycling and the organization during the FY2012 was able to source from the market and recycle over 1.14 million tons of steel leading to reduced environmental pollution. This was the total resource used in form of raw materials by the organization. How blue scope was able to implement waste reduction The organization was able to implement steel manufacturing waste control upon the discovery that almost 100% of steel are recyclable. Due to the recyclable nature of the steel, blue scope have been able to recycle most of the by products into valuable materials (Manincor, 2014). Various materials released during steel manufacturing are reused within iron as well as steel making or supplied to other companies for industrial use. The company also achieved waste reduction implementation through exploration of new opportunities for reusing materials as well as recycling of by-product materials. This market has resulted into various used steel products brought back into the company for further reuse and recycling. BlueScope steel was able to exploit the ability to of steel to last for a long life and have since made various products which last for several years without being disposed to the environment where steel products used for building can between 20 to years, industrial power plant steel can last for 40 years, machinery can last for 30 years and rails for about 20 years among other lifelong steel products. Moreover, BlueScope steel was able to implement steel manufacturing waste control implementation base on the magnetic nature of steel. This nature makes steel basically easy to separate from other waste streams leading to higher rates of recovery than other comparable materials (Yellishetty, Ranjith Tharumarajah, 2010). BlueScope steel had perfect waste management strategies which was based on principles thereby achieving waste control implantation. Environmental standard and the impact of laws and regulations that applies to Blue Scope and how it was implemented The organization works in line with environmental standards and which require conduction of business in a sustainable environment. The operations of the organization are aligned to support the environment and demonstrate a sound environmental performance (Yellishetty, Ranjith Tharumarajah, 2010). The organization works under strict policies: clearly outlined responsibilities and accountability, use internal and external expertise as well as development, implementation and maintaining standards and systems. Implementation The standards were implemented through the following set of rules: Every employee of the organization must adhere to the environment Through reports, investigations and correction of environmental incidents Training of all employees on timely communication on matters of environment Environmental performance improvement and management responsibilities References Burrows, S., Masouman, A., Harvie, C. (2015). Regional Economic Impacts of a Closure of BlueScope Steel Operations in Port Kembla. de Manincor, J. (2014). A sound investment. Steel Profile, 1(118), 12-17. Yellishetty, M., Ranjith, P. G., Tharumarajah, A. (2010). Iron ore and steel production trends and material flows in the world: Is this really sustainable?. Resources, conservation and recycling, 54(12), 1084-1094.

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Essay Topics and Personal Appearance

Essay Topics and Personal AppearanceWhat to do when you're writing a personal essay topic that includes your appearance? What does it all mean? Well, let's look at some of the things that can affect a reader's perception.First of all, an essay that addresses issues of taste, emotion, opinion, or what's good for the soul is not going to be a hit if it's missing a place in a reader's opinion. When you're writing an essay on personal appearance, you have to establish an opinion before presenting your case. One way to do this is to tell a story about how you feel about things in general.How do you feel about your personal appearance in particular? It may be because you think it's perfect, or it may be because you feel that you don't need to alter your appearance much at all. The latter kind of person probably won't care much about what your opinion on the matter may be.Does this mean that you should write the essay on personal appearance without worrying about your opinion? Not necessari ly. One thing you can do is talk about things that have already affected you in a personal way. If you've had a tattoo removed, you can talk about it as an example of how it impacted your life.When you write a personal essay topic that discusses your appearance, you should include some background information about your appearance. You might mention things that are uniquely you. Have you had a nose job? Did you inherit it from your father?People who take the time to write essays about their appearance have a much better chance of coming up with something very interesting and relevant. Don't forget to write down your thoughts. That way, you can expand on them if you wantto.As long as you provide the facts and you hold no opinions, your opinion shouldn't be a problem. It's just a matter of you telling the reader why you feel the way you do. Of course, you could actually challenge the audience to come up with the opinion they would have if you were in their shoes.Just remember that it's not necessarily the kind of opinion that you hold that matters, but rather, what you say is going to be reflected in the final product. If you present a great personal essay topic, it's likely to get a good response from the audience. However, the most important thing is to just do it, and to keep it short and simple.